Scana Offshore Fresing

Scana Offshore has a long tradition of supplying robust and cost effective products. Cooperation and understanding the client need is always in focus. We deliver systems, components and have broad expertise in project management, engineering, fabrication, testing and installation.

Scana Offshore was established in 1953 as Brødrene Johnsen, a mechanical engineering and production company supplying equipment for the automotive and electronics industry.


In 1990 we started manufacturing bow loading systems for Marine Consulting Group which later became Advanced Production and Loading. In the period from 1995 to 2005 we supplied 10 turret systems. A number of products still used by APL were developed by us.


In 2005 we started supplying our own chain jacks and offloading systems for Sevan Marine. This was followed by a number of contracts for offloading, mooring and turret systems and components.
Today we have a range of mooring, offloading and turret products sold to clients around the world. We are now a part of Incus Investor ASA.


Our motto “cost effective solutions” is more important than ever and fortunately so by our clients as well.

Scana Offshore Montasje

“Our mission is to provide value to our customers through cost-effective solutions that can be held to the highest standards and still compete on an international price level.”

Torkjell Lisland, Managing Director

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